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Inhale FAQ's

Is Inhale addictive?

No - Inhale contains no nicotine or other addictive substances.

How often should I use it?

You can use Inhale as often as you feel necessary. Do not exceed 70mg of CBD per day (FSA recommendation).

How much CBD is in each puff?

This depends on how long and hard you breathe in for, but on average 1 to 2mg of CBD per breath. Each pod contains approximately 200 breaths, but again this depends on how long and deep you inhale.

Should I hold it in when I breathe?

No, there is no evidence that holding in after you inhale increases absorption of CBD.

Do I need to worry about contaminants or heavy metals?

No - we use specially designed ceramic and glass cartridges to ensure no metals or plastics come into contact with the contents and we test every batch to ensure that they are free from contaminants.

Is using Inhale better than smoking CBD flower?

We think so! The Inhale device heats the mixture to a precise temperature which allows the cannabinoids to vaporise without combusting, meaning no harmful combustion byproducts like you find when smoking. Inhale is also completely legal in the UK, unlike raw CBD flower.

What is in each Inhale cartridge?

Just pure CBD flower extract and hemp terpenes. Absolutely nothing else - no cutting agents like PG/VG or other oils.

How does Inhale compare to KLORIS CBD oil?

Inhale is a very different experience - as the absorption is via your lungs many people report feeling the effects very quickly compared to oils, and say they need to use less. Everyone is different though, so like always we suggest starting low and building up slowly.

How long will the battery charge last per charge?

The rechargeable Inhale battery will last an average of 3-5 days depending on daily usage. A full charge can take 2 hours via the USB screw-in charger.

What if the battery is not charged/charging?

Make sure to screw the battery onto the USB charger all the way to create a firm connection. The LED light on the USB charging dongle should be red to show the battery is charging and will turn green when fully charged.

How Does CBD Inhaling Make You Feel?

CBD is a non-intoxicating natural molecule that produces various effects. Unlike THC-infused vapes, CBD won't make you feel "high." Inhalers commonly experience positive effects such as increased calmness, soothing pain, and improved sleep quality.