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We founded KLORIS with sustainability and responsibility to the planet as core principles. What we do, not what we say is the measure of this though, so here's a quick look into how we approached this when developing our popular CBD bath blocks.

The Formula
Firstly, we developed our product formulas using natural, fully biodegradable ingredients from sustainable sources. No hidden plastics or petrochemicals here.

The Design
Most bath bombs come in a spherical shape - indeed our first CBD bath bombs did. The problem is that these are inefficient to ship and store and they also have a tendency to get damaged easily. We developed our new blocks using a rectangular shape so that they use up less space and are more robust - reducing waste throughout their lifecycle.

The Packaging
As they're designed to react with water, we needed to package the bath blocks in a moisture proof way. We avoid plastics wherever we can, so we found a wrapper made from coconut husks which keeps them safely sealed and can go in household compost.

The boxes are made from recycled cardboard and the labelling is paper, both of which can go straight into domestic recycling.

Sustainable CBD Bath Blocks

This is a continuous process and we're always aiming to improve what we do. We've been overjoyed with how well the bath blocks have been received and the lessons learned from developing them are already being applied as we develop new products - for example we've applied exactly the same packaging principles to our CBD Bath Melts.