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Understanding the Recent FSA Guidelines on CBD Oral Consumption

Understanding the Recent FSA Guidelines on CBD Oral Consumption

We founded KLORIS to bring the benefits of the highest quality, effective and safe CBD and plant-based wellness products to everyone and from the very beginning have worked with the best suppliers and laboratories to deliver this.

On 12th October 2023, the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued new advice regarding the consumption of CBD in foods. According to the FSA, healthy adults are recommended to limit their intake of CBD from oral drops, gummies, drinks and other ingestible products to 10mg per day (approximately two drops of our 10% oral CBD oil and four drops of our 5% oil). 

This guidance is based on early studies of three CBD products, which do not cover the majority of the market leading products in the UK (including our own). While we wholeheartedly support the FSA’s goal to protect consumers and bring clarity we encourage the dosage for individual products to be based on those products own established safety profiles and risk assessments which we are confident will support higher doses for quality products like KLORIS’.

It's important to note that this does not affect the legal status of any KLORIS products and the FSA's guidelines are specific to CBD products consumed orally, such as drops, drinks and gummies. The vast majority of KLORIS products are topical and are not impacted by this guidance.

While these new guidelines have understandably raised questions, it is important to understand the context and global perspectives on CBD regulation. Let's explore what this means for KLORIS CBD oral products and why they are still safe to consume.

Safety of KLORIS CBD Products

While the UK FSA's advisory guidelines apply to CBD oral drops and gummies, it's important to highlight that other countries and regions have different perspectives on CBD safety and dosage. The World Health Organisation has conducted studies on CBD and determined it to be safe, even at doses of up to 1,000mg per day. 

Therefore, consumers should be aware of the regulatory framework in their respective jurisdictions and make informed decisions based on the available information.


The recent FSA guidelines on CBD consumption, relating to only foods like oral drops, drinks and gummies, have sparked conversations about CBD safety and dosage. While the FSA's recommendations aim to provide clarity and protect consumers, they are guidelines and it's important to consider the global perspectives on CBD regulation. 

KLORIS’ topical and cosmetic CBD products work very differently with the body and are not subject to these recommended limits. Customers should have no concerns of their usage and daily application. 

Consumers should be aware of the regulatory framework in their own countries, and the World Health Organization's studies provide additional reassurance about the safety of CBD products, even at higher doses. It's always advisable to make informed decisions based on individual circumstances and consult with healthcare professionals when necessary.