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Become An Accredited KLORIS Spa Partner

Plant science meets spa. Following runaway success with our launch spa partners (including BVLGARI and Cloud Twelve) and multiple product awards, the brand new professional spa programme from KLORIS brings superior quality CBD products and treatments to select destinations. 

The multi-layered treatment journeys redefine the way in which the luxury spa market delivers results-driven wellbeing treatments to clients. 

All KLORIS spa partners have options for locational exclusivity, bespoke treatments, online training, personalised support and a host of complimentary deluxe extras.


KLORIS’ multi-layered treatments are designed to capture the imagination and transport clients on a journey of vast natural landscapes through scent, touch and sound. 

The sensory experiences begin with a powerful visualisation, followed by an unforgettable treatment incorporating therapeutic soundscapes that has been expertly designed, whilst healing massage tools help the mind slide into gentle relaxation and emerge with a renewed sense of positivity. 

Included in KLORIS treatments is the KLORIS Uplifting CBD Body Oil which uses results-driven doses of premium CBD that is blended with the terpene rich essential oil of blood orange for a truly uplifting spa experience.

Clients can relax as the scents of blood orange, vanilla and oud wash over them and the bespoke KLORIS soundscapes of nature, which can be chosen to suit each client, helps the mind enter a deep meditative state achieving profound relaxation.

For those needing a more targeted experience, the award winning KLORIS luxury high strength CBD balm is used to target areas that require immediate tension release.  

The KLORIS CBD Spa Protocol

The professional programme comes with the launch of two luxurious treatments:

KLORIS Uplifting Top to Toe Signature Experience (90 minutes)

Where plant science meets spa, this journey of the senses is a head-to-toe experience combining stretching, lymphatic drainage, muscle release and shiatsu acupressure points to allow the body to relax and the mind to drift away to the healing soundscape.

A spa journey that is inspired by earth with the movements of the forests and the rhythms of the rivers, the treatment focuses on melting muscle ache, calming the nervous system, boosting the immune system and enveloping the body in deep relaxation.

KLORIS Facial Glow Massage Experience (30 minutes)

This decadent face massage harnesses the power of the award-winning KLORIS CBD Superboost Face Oil which is supercharged with high performing ingredients. Designed to nurture the skin’s vitality and defend against ageing external stressors, the sophisticated product preserves the skin’s natural beauty and wellbeing.

Following the application of the luxurious oil, the face and scalp are treated to an acupressure point series. Working to release endorphins, promote anti-inflammatory effects and leave the skin glowing, the treatment is the perfect antidote to wash away anxiety, lift the mood and calm the senses.

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CBD is a perfect inclusion in treatments because of how it stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has receptors located all over the body, in all of our vital systems, our brain and also under our skin. CBD interacts with these receptors as the cannabinoids found within the hemp plant (phytocannabinoids) are very similar to the cannabinoids that our bodies naturally make (endo - meaning inside - endocannabinoid) 

The main role of the ECS is to regulate the optimum functioning/balance of all of these systems in the body. You may have heard the term ‘homeostasis’ which essentially means ‘balance’. The ECS works to create homeostasis.

With this knowledge it becomes clear how powerful it can be to incorporate CBD into professional treatments, particularly as CBD is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Used in the right way and with the right quality product range, a treatment involving CBD can be far superior to a regular massage in numerous ways spanning mood, relaxation, anti tension and more.

KLORIS are proud members of the UK Spa Association

UK Spa association member 

Enquire About Becoming An Accredited KLORIS Spa Partner

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