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Menopause Patch FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Feel the Results of the Patches?

Everybody is different, but most customers say the patches assist with menopause symptoms within the first few days of use. 

How Often Should I Use the Patches?

We recommend using one patch daily. 

Is the Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, our packaging is completely biodegradable and kind to the environment. 

Do You Test on Animals?

No, our menopause patches are vegan with no animal testing.

Should I Ask My Doctor Before I Use the Patches?

You should always ask your doctor if you are unsure about using new products, but these patches are gentle, kind, and safe and are unlikely to cause skin irritation.

Can I Wear the Patches in the Shower?

Yes, the patches are 100% waterproof for over 24hrs.