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Why is it so important to use organically sourced CBD?

Cannabis is a bio-accumulator plant which cleans the soil it is planted in. This means that any toxins or chemicals in the ground, or applied to the plant (including pesticides) are readily absorbed by the plant and as a result may be present in extracts from the it - including CBD, which is extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant. 

Because of this, only cannabis that has been farmed responsibly using good organic practices - no nasty pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers - can avoid these harmful accumulations of unwanted chemicals and toxins that could otherwise end up in the finished product. Avoiding these is not only good for you, but better for the environment too.

Lots of brands don't talk about the source of their CBD, but at KLORIS we believe that the quality of our ingredients is crucial to the efficacy of our products, and respect for the environment is core to our values. That's why we spent months in search of the very best sources of respectfully produced CBD for our formulas.

KLORIS only use the finest organically derived, natural ingredients and we rigorously test our products for contaminants.