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Reduce stress with CBD – how it works and why

Feeling stressed at some point or another is something we can all relate to. Whether things are getting on top of you at work or it’s just been one of those days, the human body naturally responds to certain emotions and situations by releasing stress hormones – a useful thing, back in time when we needed our fight or flight instincts to kick in for survival. Not so great today, when most stressors are better dealt with by regaining a sense of calm and perspective. 

So, when stress strikes – what can you do about it? The trick is restoring your body (and the triggered stress chemicals and chain reactions) back to a state of balance and there’s little that beats the equilibrium CBD can bring. The reason for this all comes down to the endocannabinoid system (a complex cell-signalling network which runs throughout the entire body affecting almost all functions) and how CBD and the other 120+ cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant interact with it.

CBD, the Endocannabinoid System and Bliss-molecule Anandimide

Since first identified in 1992, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has been referred to as “the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health”, and with good reason. 

So far, we know that the ECS is heavily involved in many bodily processes including mood, sleep, appetite, fertility, memory, fine-tuning most of our vital physiological functions. There are endocannabinoid receptors in all of your muscles, your organs, your bones, your skin and nervous system. Each of these jump to work when they are activated by endocannabinoids created within the body (such as Anandimide, or the ‘bliss molecule’, famed for releasing a euphoric, healing but short-lived ‘runners high’ during exercise) and external cannabinoids, found within certain plants. 

CBD in particular, found in the hemp or cannabis plant, has a remarkable effect on these receptors. Unlike psychotropic THC which fits into the receptors like a lock and key (just the same as Anandimide), CBD attaches itself to the receptors and modulates the shape so that the Anandimide molecule can no longer fit into them. At the same time, CBD inhibits the enzyme which rapidly breaks this molecule down. As a result, Anandimide, our in-built stress-suppressor is able to freely flow through the body. Without being hit by the enzyme which would ordinarily mop this up and its bliss-inducing, relaxing effects, Anandimide then has much more time to circulate and drastically reduce feelings of stress and the physiological and emotional negative impact stress hormones have.

Using CBD oral oil drops to reduce stress is one of the few methods which works with the body to aid in finding a natural state of balance, whatever the situation. 

CBD oil may offer ongoing stress relief 

Incredibly, the potential that CBD has to reduce stress doesn’t stop there. Taking a dose of CBD oil when you are experiencing acute stress can help bring your mind and body back into a calm, collected zone right away. But if you know you’re prone to stress on a regular basis, taking CBD every day, or microdosing, can help to keep your stress-responses in check – preventing stress from taking hold in the first place. Slow release CBD patches are an ideal way to do this.

Anandimide acts in somewhat of a gatekeeper role for stress signalling. When there is enough Anandimide present in the brain and bloodstream it will regulate the release of stress hormone cortisol and only let it out when really needed.

Natural levels of this wonderful molecule, and other endocannabinoids, can be thrown out of balance and reduced for many reasons – chronic stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and many other issues that more people than not struggle with all over the world. This is often referred to as an ‘endocannabinoid deficiency’. Once off course, it can be tricky to get your body can on track again – but CBD is here to help.

As with so many instances in life, sometimes we need a little helping hand to be our best selves. CBD oil is just that. A natural supplement which works with your body to help it function beautifully, as it should. That gentle nudge CBD gives to your endocannabinoid receptors could be all your body needs to return to homeostasis and stay there.

CBD works for you, how and when you need it to

Everyone’s experience of using CBD oil is different and that’s because how and where it works all comes down to what your body needs. 

Although the cannabis plant is not yet officially classed as an adaptogen (plants that adapt their function depending on what the body needs, be that physical, chemical or biological) it certainly seems to act as one. Once in your body, whether taken orally or absorbed through the skin with one of our luxurious CBD bath bombs, the cannabinoids can get to work finding out where they are needed, assisting your body in coming back into balance, moderating stress responses, lowering inflammation and even enhancing mental performance. What’s more, they can even produce opposing effects, such as being stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Whatever your body needs when CBD gets involved. 

If stress presents a problem for you, you’re not alone. Over 11 million people in the UK feel as though stress has become a challenging part of their everyday lives, but that need not be the case. Take charge of your body’s amazing ability to regain balance, with the holistic help of CBD.