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How Should I Store My CBD Oil?

As with most perishable products - including supplements - the shelf-life and potency of CBD oil is affected by how you store it. We only use the highest quality ingredients in KLORIS products, which helps to naturally ensure a stable product and a long shelf life, but there are several steps you can take to store your CBD properly and maximise its effective lifespan.

Firstly, CBD is quite heat tolerant - it can be used in cooking and baking or added to hot drinks without losing potency. However, freezing or refrigerating CBD oil is not recommended, especially as carrier oils like MCT (which we use in our oral drops) can cloud over at lower temperatures (although this is not harmful). Storing it at normal cool room temperature is fine. As a general rule, treat it similarly to how you’d store good olive oil.

The biggest issue when storing CBD is exposure to light - which is why KLORIS CBD comes in brown glass bottles that block the majority of light from reaching the product. Excessive exposure to daylight or even artificial light can significantly degrade your CBD, so storing it in a dark place, and certainly away from direct sunlight is always best. 

Excessive exposure to oxygen in the air can lead to oxidative stress, so for maximum effectiveness leave the product in the original KLORIS dropper bottle and always make sure to tightly seal the bottle again as soon as you’ve taken your dose. 

Every bottle of KLORIS CBD oil has a bottled-on date and batch number printed on it, so you can easily check if your oil is in prime condition. When sealed in original condition and kept in a cool dark place, a bottle is good for at least 12 months from the ‘bottled on’ date. Once opened, we recommend using your oil within six months to ensure maximum effectiveness.