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Can CBD help you sleep?

One of the top reasons people say they are using CBD products is for the compound’s potential as a sleep aid. In fact, we’ve had many reports in the press of users benefitting from KLORIS CBD oil to help fix their sleep problems.

As life pressures continue to pile on and erode much needed sleep time for people, demand for access to effective and safe remedies and aids which can help the user drift off to sleep is at an all time high.

There are several supplements and prescribed medications such as Melatonin available to help with sleep however, the negative side effects are a big issue for many, and the potential for interactions with prescribed medication is risky. 

While there is still limited scientific research in the field of CBD relating to the cannabinoid’s direct effect on sleep disorders, there have been some sleep studies done using CBD administered as daily doses over a sustained period of time. 

In the study linked above 66.7% of the participants in the study found improvement in their sleep within the first month of daily usage of CBD, and there is ever building anecdotal evidence, which has been encouraging more direct clinical trials that will hopefully yield results soon. 

Due to the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects of CBD and it’s relaxing qualities, many have found a daily routine of taking CBD oil one to two hours before bed (as a few drops under the tongue), along with application of a high strength CBD balm to the soles of the feet has been helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep by entering a deeper REM sleep cycle.

CBD is usually well tolerated in humans, and has a very good safety profile, showing no abuse or dependency issues, and to date studies have shown it to have minimal levels of toxicity. This has drawn many people to use CBD’s relaxing and anti-anxiety effects as part of their daily wellness routines, especially to help them drift off to long and deep sleep without relying on pharmaceutical medication and synthetic supplements.