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Can CBD help with symptoms of Menopause?

Ask any woman who is going / has gone through the menopause and the symptoms are not to be taken lightly -ranging from tiresome to hugely impacting on daily life.

Some recent studies on how CBD could potentially benefit the symptoms of menopause make for very interesting reading, we’ve put together a summary below.

Sleep: CBD oil may help as a non-intoxicating, all natural, and organic sleep aid by helping increase anandamide levels.

Mood: Low oestrogen levels can have a negative effect on mood, thus mood support is extremely helpful during this time. Oestrogen rounds up cannabinoids so it’s logical to think that cannabinoid supplementing could assist in readdressing this imbalance.     

Tension: An excessive amount of stress can leave you feeling disproportionately worried. CBD oil may assist to alleviate these menopause signs and symptoms. In case you’ve heard the opposite, that cannabis promotes paranoia and tension, don’t worry – that’s the compound THC, not CBD.

Pores and skin care: Hormonal changes affect the skin, which is where topical CBD (usually a balm) comes in; applied topically CBD can help the skin to heal faster and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Bone health: Your body desires and requires estrogen for strong bones. As you undergo menopause, you’ll produce much less estrogen. This could lead to osteoporosis. In 2009 a study confirmed that a cannabinoid remedy helped to prevent bone loss after surgically triggered menopause. As with most potential benefits of CBD oil, greater research is required but the evidence so far is promising.

Supplementing HRT: One of the popular approaches to address the symptoms of menopause is to adopt a path of hormone replacement therapy (hrt)  At the same time as this is tremendously powerful, it’s not without side effects. While as yet there’s no conclusive evidence, CBD is being researched as it shows promising signs of fighting some cancer cells and having a positive impact on coronary heart issues. Other natural solutions like our botanical Menopause Support Patches may also help with symptoms.